Car Insurance Quotes And Video Games

For years people have associated computer console games with teens and individuals that are too indolent to go outside. However drivers who play computer games might have an higher hand when they go in order to get auto insurance quotes.

The explanation? Instead of slaughtering brain cells, playing computer console games can really bolster the links in the brain that handle hand-eye coordination.

According to a lately printed article on, “video games permit drivers to improve their acuity, move on their reflexes and reinforce their memory.” Having fast hand-eye coordination is helpful while playing computer console games, however it could also transpose into quicker reflexes while driving one’s the automobile too.

In the final analysis this may end up in lower car insurance quotations and saved cash. In the opinion of the same source “a up to date study proved that there had been an eighteen pc increase in the amount of drivers of ages between sixty five or older in the last ten years. As the baby boomer generation becomes older, the number will only keep on rising. With more aware drivers on the road, the quantity of auto accidents could possibly decrease.” Taking this into account, one of the major insurance firms, Allstate, subsidized a programme that sent out video console games to 100,000 of their clients.

The bundle of five games, called Discernment and developed by Posit Science, “was built to improve the psychological appreciation of mature drivers, saving them cash in the midst on their auto insurance rates.” This is not the only game that helps folks raise their psychological awareness, however. There are a few games for Nintendo’s hand-held DS that target folks who need to keep their minds excited.

The hottest is known as Brain Age, and features puzzles from maths issues to Sudoku. However not all automobile insurance suppliers are so fast to lower the auto insurance fees of their clients. This is still a new idea in the automobile insurance industry and firms are still messing with the advantages that playing video console games can offer their clients. Regardless of the undeniable fact that this type of discount is still quite new to the market, it might benefit you to contact your insurance company to work out if they now supply a similar program.

Doing so could well lead to having your present insurance premium reduced or your rate dropped. And if your present company does not offer this, next time you choose to shop for vehicle insurance quotes, inquire at numerous firms whether or not they offer the discount. The worst they can say is no, and it’s going to be worthwhile to doubtless save a respectable hunk of change. As the old chestnut goes “a penny saved is a penny earned,” and in this economy every penny is important.